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Corporate History

MATEC has served as a gateway for western technologies in the Philippines for more than 3 decades with a largely diversified operation, particularly in the fields of power generation, transmission, distribution and application, and of industrial manufacturing, transportation and communication. In this time MATEC, as an agent, has successfully helped several of its principals establish their own presence in the Philippines.

For more than 30 years, MATEC, in cooperation with one of the largest manufacturers for hydro plant equipment in the world , Voith Hydro and their asian arm, Voith Fuji Hydro, has continued to serve the Philippine industries and profiled itself as a supplier for renewable energy technologies. Because of our long standing German affiliation, our company has always strived to bring the latest in technologies. Therefore when Germany found itself as a world leader in Renewable Energy it was only natural that the company expanded its focus to the RE sector.

This tradition of bringing German influence and technology to the Philippines started in 1979, when Mr. Felicito C. Payumo and the late Mr. Jaime Ongping, the driving forces of Engineering Equipment, Inc., together with Mr. Axel O. Schroeder, Managing Partner of Muenchmeyer, Peresen realized their vision to transfer modern European technology to the Philippines by incorporating their business relationship, which started in 1972, in the form of a join venture company called Maschinen & Technik, Inc (MATEC).

Today, MATEC continues its vision of bringing its German influence and innovation to the Philippines through its decade long affiliation with Burckhardt Power and a 30 year agency with Klein, Schanzlin & Becker. These relationships stemmed off the company’s original affiliation with Siemens AG, which MATEC was the sole representative of from 1979 until 1996 when Siemens AG had achieved order volume to establish their own company. During these 16 years of collaboration, MATEC's name became synonymous to that of Siemens in the fields of power generation, transmission, distribution and application and communication. With the reputation, expertise and training gained from this long relationship, MATEC has remained an active, reliable partner of the utility sector with its traditional lines for pumps of Klein, Schanzlin & Becker (KSB) and turbo couplings of Voith Turbo as well as provider of manpower through its shareholding in Trans Orient Overseas Contractors, Inc. (TOOC). Its current representation of world-renowned European manufacturers such as GHH Borsig, and VA TECH ELIN has strengthened its position in this field.

MATEC has always considered itself as a pioneer in the Philippine industries. We have prided ourselves in placing the first underground transmission lines in the country, as well as being one of the first companies involved in rural electrification. In terms of power generation, we brought in the first high efficiency combined cycle generator. Finally, MATEC was the first company to install photovoltaic solar systems on homes and we consider ourselves a pioneer in the application of grid-tied photovoltaic systems. Therefore, it is no coincidence that following Germany’s push for Renewable Energy and the passing of the Philippine Renewable Energy Act (RA 9513) in 2008, MATEC has been increasing its portfolio of renewable energy technologies and services to match the growing need for alternative energy sources. As a technology provider through and from German companies, the company has concentrated on introducing photovoltaic solar systems. Through the years we have increased our affiliation with Photovoltaic companies around the world and increased our range of panel sixes and application uses (streetlights, park lights, pumps, battery chargers, etc..) In Hydro Generation, with the encouragement and technical know-how for Voith Fuji Hydro, MATEC has also engaged in several installations of pico and micro hydro damns around the Philippines. Wind power generation is also part of the company’s RE portfolio, in where it has installed both wind turbines and hybrid wind-solar generators around the country.

Because of our increased involvement in Renewable Energy application, we are heavily engaged in the National Renewable Energy Board (NREB) technical committee in the suggestion for a feed-in-tariff (FIT), the discussions of the the Net Metering methodology, and the application of PV solar in the off-grid areas of the Small Power Utility Group (SPUG) installations.

In the industrial sector, the investment in NI Corporation, a local switch-board manufacturer has enabled MATEC to pursue projects for locally engineered, fabricated and installed power distribution systems.

MATEC's activities in the communication sector got a new impetus when it acquired Philippine Electronic Industries, Inc. (PEI), a 50 year old trading company well known for the Tektronix line of electronic testing and measuring equipment.

While the Siemens representative, MATEC envisioned developments in the rail transportation business. This interest led to representations for railway components like Voith.

MATEC's affiliation to MPC-Marine with their capabilities in ship designing as well as financing and the connection with new corporation partners like Peene-Werft and Voith Schneider led to its expertise in the maritime sector.

MATEC has been a recognized partner of the cement industry due to its 18 years of relationship with BMH-Claudius Peters AG (CPAG) as well as a wide range of agencies for cement plant component manufacturers such as Aumund, Kettenwerke Wickede-Ruhr, Venti-Oelde, Louise F–rdertechnik and others.

In 1989, the corporate interest of the partners in the company took opposite directions. EEI was in financial difficulties and wanted to divest its shares in the company; on the other hand MPC was on an expansion course and together with Filipino partners bought out EEI's interest in MATEC. The expansion program of the MPC Group of Companies led in 1997 to the acquisition of the German steel trading concern, Coutinho Caro + Co. (CCC), where in 1998 it consolidated all its trading activities. With this consolidation, MATEC officially became an affiliate of CCC.

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