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MATEC has served as a gateway for western technologies in the Philippines for more than 3 decades with a largely diversified operation, particularly in the fields of power generation, transmission, distribution and application, and of industrial manufacturing, transportation and communication. In this time MATEC, as an agent, has successfully helped several of its principals establish their own presence in the Philippines.

Through many solar photovoltaic installations over the past 2 decades, Machinen & Technik, Inc. has had extensive participation in the rural electrification of the country. This, and the world’s change in energy sourcing towards renewable energy and sustainable sources, together with our company’s tradition of transferring state-of-the-art technologies from Germany to the Philippines, has influenced MATEC to fully engage in the renewable energy program of the country.

With the world’s demand for sustainable energy generation increasing, MATEC steadily expanded its focus on providing the latest technology in run-the-river hydro, wind and solar together with the technical experience delivered by it’s different principals through various installations around the country. Voith Hydro (represented by MATEC for 30 years) is a world leader in hydropower generation and has brought in its technical expertise in run-the-river hydropower. Based on our years of experience in these fields, we present ourselves to the market as a supplier for the electro-mechanical equipment for hydro power generation plants in the pico, micro, and mini hydropower generation range.

It is this support from our principals, together with the increasing demand for renewable technology that has influenced MATEC to engage in the country’s implementation process of the Renewable Energy Act, by setting the implementation rules for the promulgation of renewable sources in the form of a Feed-in-Tariff (for utility scale installations over 100kwp), Net-metering compensation (meant for Building Integrated Photovoltaic installations under 100kwp), and off-grid installation regulation.

Through our western ties, MATEC will continue to bring the latest technologies and strive to be pioneers in the renewable energy industry of the Philippines.

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